The time is at hand for the traveling man

Well, it’s been nearly three years since I began working in the city (save those few months of working from home). It’s been nearly as long since I began threatening a move closer to New York city. I said the commute would soon be a thing of the past more times than I can count. Well, that’s all changing.

The threat is no longer empty. I’m moving to Hoboken.

Thanks to Brownstone Reality I am soon to be the proud renter of a cozy studio apartment in the northernmost reaches of the city. It’s not much bigger than the room I’m living out of now, but there’s actual parking to be found in the area, the place in in good shape, the neighborhood seemed quiet enough and the capper is that I can see across the Hudson to the New York skyline.

All this and I can afford it too!

The actual apartment aside for a moment, this is going to be a major boon to my quality of life as well. The city I’m moving to has a vibrant night life and my commute to work will now be in the range of 30 to 45 minutes at worst, instead of the two hours plus that I’ve been dragging around my neck for low these many years.

The coming days will be full of calls to utility companies, changing current billing info to my sister’s name (she’s and her fiance are buying out my stake in the condo I’m leaving behind) and getting what few new accounts I need for my new place set up. Having utilities covered in the rent is going to help out quite a bit, and the fact that I’m ditching my land line phone altogether will be another bit of added savings.

And what to do with all that extra me time I’ll be getting back? Yoga? Karate? Drum lessons (again)? The possibilities are infinitesimal, and I’m drooling at the very though. By this time next month those questions will begin to be answered.

These are very exciting times. Exciting times indeed.

(Aside: For those in the know, have a happy “holiday” today. One way or another, I know I sure will. ^_^)


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