Sea Changes

The last time I put pixel to page here, I wrote about change. My words spoke of newfound opportunities, needing to be brave and sizing up what life was giving to me. Then the line went dark for nine and a half months as I put my head down and did the best I could to give life to those words.

Well, let’s just say I jumped on the opportunities, and they’re starting to pay off.

As I write this, I’m sit in the bay window of my new home — an apartment my girlfriend Shannon and I share in San Francisco. We made the move out here over three weeks ago with only her new job and a pull-out couch in our friend Nick’s place as knowns in a vastly swirling sea of variables. I also have two job offer letters in my possession, with one more a near certainty. Not bad, considering January ended for me with the notification that I was being laid off from my job, which all but eliminated my chances at working remotely — even if just for a short time while I made my transition.

Those who have been following along on Facebook and Twitter should have a decent idea of some of the ups and downs, but I plan to go back and share in the outlines with full color details and insights to my life as it was through all this transition, and life as it happens in this new land of opportunity.

Here’s to the adventure!

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