This many fingers left

One hand full of fingers. Five days. That’s how long Shannon and I have to wait to be reunited with our possessions here on the West Coast. It’s hard to imagine that it’s already been a month since we packed two apartments into one ten-by-ten storage unit, but it’s actually harder for us to imagine our new, spacious place cluttered by our plethora of boxes and furniture.

Because of time constraints with the start of Shannon’s new job and the fact that NO ONE in San Francisco would talk about an apartment with us until we were here in person, we were limited in what we could do to get our life’s worth of material goods from New Jersey to California. If we had time we probably would have driven them cross-country. Instead we were forced to deal with a moving company and keep our fingers crossed. While everything has taken the maximum time quotes (and then some), we’re finally getting close to feeling like we’re really moved in.

Of course, not everything made the trip. I shed almost all my furniture and Shannon got rid of just as much, including her bedroom set, so we’ve been able to do some shopping for things. But I think Sears and Ikea must be in league with United States Van Lines, because even something as simple as getting a mattress and a bed is going to take forever and an eon to get delivered.

Until then, we’re just gonna have to keep ourselves calm and make due with the air mattress and the few dishes we have. But believe me, we’re both counting the days.

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