Just Who Do I Think I Am?

You would think this shouldn’t be a hard question to answer, but you’d be wrong. The basics: I’m a web designer, a blogger since 1999 and a half-way decent guy to know. Currently I reside in a little closet-sized studio apartment in Weehawken, NJ.

Yeah, this isn’t much of a bio, but it’s a start. More to come – promise.

Me, Elsewhere

There are bits of me out on the net that. At some point, I’ll tie these into this site a bit better, but for now just check the links below:

What I Am (is What I Am)

Telling people what you’re into can give a glimpse into what makes you who you are. In my case, you could say I am…

  • …a Mac UserI was once fired after I was caught lusting after one of those shiny new iBook G3’s on company time. So once I got a shiny new job at a much better place for much better pay (working for a boss who wasn’t bi-polar, I might add), I decided to get myself one. I’ve been extolling their virtues to friends and family ever since.

The Site

In the beginning, there was just a domain name. Eventually, some posts started being made. This was all early in the summer of ’99. But it wasn’t until I finished my first design for the site that I actually considered it to be a real living, breathing entity. That’s why I state August 15th, 1999 as the official aniversary date for Fischler.org.

You might care to take a look at some of the old designs, but keep in mind that they are broken and somewhat ugly. Not that a slightly hacked default WordPress theme is anythign to crow about.

More to come at some future point….