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Afronts to the Rights of Bloggers

Wednesday, October 24th, 2007

Italy’s politicos certainly seem to have a certain part of their anatomy above the shoulders stuck inside another part of their anatomy below the belt. They seem to have this idea that passing a law which would require all bloggers to register, pay tax and be regulated by a government body (also here) is a good idea.

The Levi-Prodi law lays out that anyone with a blog or a website has to register it with the ROC, a register of the Communications Authority, produce certificates, pay a tax, even if they provide information without any intention to make money.

So that means your blog about your dog would be required to pay the same kind of fees and suffer the same kind of regulation as a blog run by the NY Times. So wrong!

Even more so, considering bloggers are treated like the red-headed step-children of the journalistic world. Case in point, the new journalist shield bill that got neutered in our own House of Congress (with more editorial thoughts here).

The original version was reasonably protective, and the term “engaged in journalism” was reasonably well-defined. But by the time our esteemed elected representatives got finished with it, a serious blogger who breaks news (but doesn’t have Google Ads on his site) would not benefit from the shield. It requires “substantial” income, even though not all good journalism is done for significant financial gain.

We’re in a world of citizen journalism now, like it or not. We need rights to protect us, not regulating bodies and asinine tax schemes. Just more proof that most politicians are idiots, no matter where in the world you live.

Satisfaction, in all shapes and forms

Wednesday, August 29th, 2007

Time for the bi-monthly blog post that has become tradition around these parts. And this time let’s see if I can give a bit more than a little bullet list.

Say Hello to LimeSpot


On the professional side of things, there’s been some launches of note. For one, the hard work of those I’m in the trenches with every day came to fruation as Lime Spot came into being. Wondering what it all is? So are we (kidding!).

For now, it’s little more than another social networking site without as many features, but that’s soon to change and at a fairly fast clip. More importantly for the moment, it is also the new engine under the hood of the LimeWire Music Blog, as you can tell by that stylish new gray bar that tops the site.
Big ups to Dave, Michael, Jorge, Amy, Ryan, and Eric for the fantastic job building this all from scratch. I am truly humbled to be associated with you all.

I can not say this enough!

Speaking of the LimeWire Music Blog

LimeWire Music Blog

…it has been sent to the tailors for some changes to its threads. I’m responsible for that little bit (and there’s still much to shine, believe me!). That lovely masthead sketch is by far my favorite aspect, and it’s the first thing I’ve ever created with the aid of my Wacom tablet that I’m proud to put my name on. I fear that might feed my ego to the point where I might actually think I can…draw…or something.

Don’t forget the fun and games!

Now don’t go getting the idea that it’s been all work for me, no sir-ree! I’ve made sure I’ve had my share entertainment. Like catching an Allman Brothers concert at the PNC Bank Arts Center and two separate tapings for the upcoming season of Comedy Central Presents. I’ve even got plans to (finally!) check out Bustle in Your Hedgerow tomorrow night, which will rock me with the time tested sounds of Zepplin being jammed out by four of the most talented musicians from other groups I love.

Adding to the toy chest

And we can’t forget about the toys either. After being without a working iPod for the last few months and dead set against replacing it with one of those video ones until the next product refresh (which now looks like it’ll be on Sept. 5th), I got myself a nice little Shuffle. I love the fact that it’s too light to even be unplugged from the headphones if it accidentally gets knocked off my bag.

It also hooks in nicely to my new set of Roland TD-3SW electronic drums (and by new I mean the ones I bought a month ago and neglected to mention). Yes, I still haven’t given up on the idea that I might one day become tolerable on the damn instrument, but at least now I can practice at 3 in the morning if the mood strikes me and not worry about my neighbors calling the cops on me. Now all I need is to get a few lessons going so I can progress beyond the two or three beats I know.

And this afternoon, I picked up my copy of Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. I’ve got high hopes for this game, as it’s the first “must buy” for my Wii since the day I picked up the system and “The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess“. Shortly after pressing the submit button on this post, you can bet I’ll be logging in my first hours.

Looks like I’m not sleeping much tonight….

And where have I been exactly?

Monday, June 18th, 2007

My cyclical habit of post some, hide some repeats once again, but at least with good reason.  Since my trip to Chicago, I’ve been working almost non-stop to design and build-out a new music blog for the fine folks I work for with the intent of launching today. On top of that, I was trying to coordinate plans for the annual trip to Bonnaroo, this time with credentials provided on behalf of another music blog that would get me press and photo privileges.

As of this afternoon, both of these are now done deals. You can pay a visit to the LimeWire Music Blog now (expect tweaks and a revised logo — the name changed while I was off on the road) and expect to see and read all about my Bonnaroo experience over the next few days at BrooklynVegan, here, and my Flickr account.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some content creating to do….

Only the beginning

Thursday, February 23rd, 2006

Lime Wire Unified While my work for Lime Group thus far has resulted in a few new faces for some of the other parts of the company, the team at Lime Wire has waited patiently for their turn. As of this afternoon they received their first return on that patience.

Yes Virginina, Lime Wire has a blog.

Not too bad for a first stab at ripping apart a WordPress theme and bending it to my will, but there is far more tweaking I can (and will) do in the future. Before that can happen this shiney new skin has to be extended to the Wiki and Forum that are linked up at the top of the page. Expect short little announcements up here when that happens, just like I always do when something I’m proud of launches.

There are some bright people here, and I’m just happy to be among them.

Yet another blog for me to ignore making posts to

Thursday, December 22nd, 2005

I can’t believe it’s taken me this long, but my freelancing company — Creek Bed Industries — finally has its own blog. Real bare bones stuff for the time being, but at least it’s up and running. If I have anything to say about design, web tech, software, etc. it’ll probably end up over there.

I’m not much for making New Year’s resolutions, but if I were to make some for ’06 I think it would be along the lines of “redesign all my web sites”. They’re either using very slightly modified default templates provided by the software running them or designs that are a few years old. My portfolio is so out of sync it’s not even funny.