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Starting the Next Chapter

Wednesday, December 31st, 2008

Say Goodbye to the Old

Well, here we are.  Is everyone ready to close out one of the most turbulent and historic years in a generation? I think I am. It’s certainly been big in my life, both personally and professionally, and its the professional side that I want to pump a bit here.

As of December 15th I am no longer an employee of Lime Wire, as my inclusion on the former employee list clearly shows. That’s nearly 3 ½ years at the Lime Group offices in lower Manhattan, and boy did I get to see an awful lot in that time.  The place changed quite a bit from when I started, and grew so fast that at times it felt like riding inside a tornado. But it was that crazed energy that kept things vibrant. The whole of my experiences there certainly lived up to my expectations, but as with all things in life, there comes a time to move on.

Say Hello to the New

Creek Bed Industries goes 2.0

Creek Bed Industries goes 2.0

This leads us to my freshly revamped portfolio site, Creek Bed Industries. Using as many of the new skills I’ve been learning in the last few years, I gave everything a top to bottom revamping for the first time since at least 2005. A great deal of ideas put into my head first at FOWD ended up being used. And I have to say I do so love the background art I came up with.

Future plans for the site included trying to build a Ruby on Rails version (a great learning experience) and adding more of my previous projects to what is already up there. I am also going to spend some of that time fixing up the blog as well. I see the styles of both of them converging to show a larger connection between my personal and professional sides — just like me in real life.

Future plans for myself are slightly less clear at the moment.  If you have project or some freelance  work available and would like some quality web and graphic design skills at your beckon call, you may want to drop me a line.

Final Thoughts

Goodbye 2008.  Hello 2009. ^_^