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The genetic makeup of a web site

Wednesday, September 27th, 2006

Saw this a few weeks ago, back before I was once again blogging with a vengeance. Just enter in a web site address and get a nice looking DNA rendering of the site. Of course, you knew I just had to get mine analyzed. Oooh, pretty….

Of course, you might also be interested in knowing the hows and whys of this web DNA thing. For that, I direct you to the creator himself.

Too much, or too sexy?

Friday, December 2nd, 2005

Nice to see that Weebl and Bob is still as funny as ever.

Amazingly good CSS

Thursday, February 24th, 2005

A little Thursday afternoon fun for ya. Check out this great little maze built entirely from CSS — no Javascript, Flash or other whatnots to be found. Link courtesy of good friend Christian.

This is a great example of just how far CSS can be pushed to help make interactive sites. Now just imagine if all browsers supported more advanced CSS rendering. Hell, I’d be happy if the browsers would just agree in their rendering — sure would make my job easier.

Links and what not

Friday, December 10th, 2004

Let’s see what nuggets of joy and wonder my semi-daily reading material has brought us today:

  • The dates for Bonnaroo 2005 have been confirmed — June 10th throught the 12th. The location is the same as always.
  • The NY state senate has voted to rework parts of the Rockefeller drug laws and reduce the draconian nature of the sentences.
  • Samsung is going to have a hand in building theworld’s tallest building, the Burj Tower in Dubai. Total height upon completion will be 2,640 feet and some 160 floors, higher than the planned hight of the Freedom Tower.
  • For some holiday Flash fun, you might want to try your hand at this ingenious little snowflake maker.
  • T-Mobile has added Ringback Tones, or as they call them “CallerTunes”, to their list of services. These are different from ringtones. They replace the ringing sound the caller would hear when calling you with something else such as music or other recorded material. Another revenue stream for the cell phone companies to cash in on, I suppose.
  • I’ve just found out there’s a Cowboy Bebop game for PS2 under development — announced a few months ago at E3. I just hope they make a good game, because I’ve seen far too games based on licensed materials that just plain suck.
  • Here’s a handy, dandy digit saver for table saw users. SawStop is a system that can recognize the difference between wood and flesh and bring a blade spinning at 4,000 rpm to a stop in just 5 milliseconds. That can save a lot of people a lot of hand surgery.
  • Take a trip down memory lane and enjoy some clasic 80’s commercials.
  • Some users on Flikr have done a little
    flashlight writing. Very cool looking. You can make your own flashlight pics with this technique.
  • NASA plans to send a robot into space to repair the Hubble Telescope, but a panel from the National Academy of Sciences says it would be better to send real astronauts up to fix things. Would NASA be willing to dare another shuttle launch yet?

And finally…

  • Tired of having to endure someone else’s cell phone call in public? Maybe you should drop one of these “SHHH” cards on them, provided by the Society for HandHeld Hushing. Funny, useful and brilliant!

You’ve now been enlightened and/or entertained. That will be $3.57 please.

Catch and toss

Monday, July 26th, 2004

A little game of office hoops here for ya. Catch and toss for the hi-score (and to kill those last 15 minutes before the end of work).