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Sea Changes

Sunday, March 13th, 2011

The last time I put pixel to page here, I wrote about change. My words spoke of newfound opportunities, needing to be brave and sizing up what life was giving to me. Then the line went dark for nine and a half months as I put my head down and did the best I could to give life to those words.

Well, let’s just say I jumped on the opportunities, and they’re starting to pay off.

As I write this, I’m sit in the bay window of my new home — an apartment my girlfriend Shannon and I share in San Francisco. We made the move out here over three weeks ago with only her new job and a pull-out couch in our friend Nick’s place as knowns in a vastly swirling sea of variables. I also have two job offer letters in my possession, with one more a near certainty. Not bad, considering January ended for me with the notification that I was being laid off from my job, which all but eliminated my chances at working remotely — even if just for a short time while I made my transition.

Those who have been following along on Facebook and Twitter should have a decent idea of some of the ups and downs, but I plan to go back and share in the outlines with full color details and insights to my life as it was through all this transition, and life as it happens in this new land of opportunity.

Here’s to the adventure!

Starting the Next Chapter

Wednesday, December 31st, 2008

Say Goodbye to the Old

Well, here we are.  Is everyone ready to close out one of the most turbulent and historic years in a generation? I think I am. It’s certainly been big in my life, both personally and professionally, and its the professional side that I want to pump a bit here.

As of December 15th I am no longer an employee of Lime Wire, as my inclusion on the former employee list clearly shows. That’s nearly 3 ½ years at the Lime Group offices in lower Manhattan, and boy did I get to see an awful lot in that time.  The place changed quite a bit from when I started, and grew so fast that at times it felt like riding inside a tornado. But it was that crazed energy that kept things vibrant. The whole of my experiences there certainly lived up to my expectations, but as with all things in life, there comes a time to move on.

Say Hello to the New

Creek Bed Industries goes 2.0

Creek Bed Industries goes 2.0

This leads us to my freshly revamped portfolio site, Creek Bed Industries. Using as many of the new skills I’ve been learning in the last few years, I gave everything a top to bottom revamping for the first time since at least 2005. A great deal of ideas put into my head first at FOWD ended up being used. And I have to say I do so love the background art I came up with.

Future plans for the site included trying to build a Ruby on Rails version (a great learning experience) and adding more of my previous projects to what is already up there. I am also going to spend some of that time fixing up the blog as well. I see the styles of both of them converging to show a larger connection between my personal and professional sides — just like me in real life.

Future plans for myself are slightly less clear at the moment.  If you have project or some freelance  work available and would like some quality web and graphic design skills at your beckon call, you may want to drop me a line.

Final Thoughts

Goodbye 2008.  Hello 2009. ^_^

Writing Locally, Regarding Nothing

Thursday, November 13th, 2008

Ah, writing while on my commute to and from work. A nice feeling that I haven’t had for a while. Weehawken to Tribeca isn’t quite long enough to break out the laptop, not to mention ol’ lappy being on its last legs.

With all my resurgent personal attention to the blog and its upkeep, I thought I would practice writing a bit with WordPress on my iPhone. With no copy and paste options currently available, I have to keep a better mind on what I’m writing than I usually do.

There are certainly days when I have tons of important thoughts I wish I could tell the world. This…is not one of them.

All in my head (and chest)

Friday, August 15th, 2008

Been quite sick in the head this past week — and no, I’m not trying to say I’m loco in a cute way. Of all the times to have my sinuses short circuit and my lungs clog and sputter, in would have to be this week. I lost a good two days to bed rest and about all I had energy to do was watch the Olympics on TV.

Of course, its also ill timed because this Monday coming up six month anniversary with Jill, and I want to be able to enjoy that with her. Yes, my first real long-term relationship, for those keeping score. On top of that, it’s kept me from being able to work this week, which just made me feel like quite the lazy bum (along with a personal side project).

Fingers crossed that things clear up with my bit of rest this evening.

Growth and Vice

Tuesday, April 29th, 2008

Vices at Montauk 

Been a busy stretch around these parts, so I figured it was time to do a bit of recapping — professional, personal, and visual:  

  • At work it’s the story of the ever-expanding Lime.  On Friday the LimeSpot team moved into new digs on the 9th floor of our building, and on Monday we almost doubled in size with our three new employees starting.  Exciting times!
  • Got word that some freelance design work I did late last year has finally shown up in public over at That layout and those soothing pixels may have been touched by my Photoshop skills, but the effort and coding to bring it to life was all theirs.  Big thumbs up, guys!
  • My 31st birthday came and went.  It was good.  I mean, just look at these smiling faces….
  • On Saturday night JIll and I went over to Brooklyn and the Montauk Club for something known as the Dances of Vice.  Think old Victorian clubhouse with people all decked out in early 20th century garb — like stepping into a time warp.  Lots of fun, and I made sure to take plenty of pictures (including the one above).

That is all.  Carry on.