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Let the games begin (again)

Friday, March 25th, 2011

For much of the last month, my life has revolved around one of three things: moving, finding an apartment, and making sure our stuff made it from one place to another. The last of those three bullet points was wrapped up earlier this week. The new apartment is about as much of a home as we can make it for the moment. We have a bed, a comfy living room with a decent entertainment center setup, a fully stocked kitchen, and so on. None of our basic survival needs have gone unmet.

That not to say we’re anywhere close to finished. There are still a host of boxes that we can’t divulge ourselves of until we can add some more furniture to our place, like bookshelves, bedroom furniture, a desk. But for now, both Shannon and I have to focus on each drawing some paychecks and taking some time to pay down debt and refill savings accounts — both casualties of the costs of a cross-country move.

For the most of this past week, I’ve been taking things easy, but those days of freedom are winding down. A very, very small part of me is sad about that, but that slice of my psyche is almost immeasurable. The vastness of my being is ready to get back to work in the real world, a phase that starts this coming Monday when I report for duty at Redfin.