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Two good turns for the residents of MSG

Friday, April 18th, 2008

The Rangers kicked the Devils out of the playoffs in 5 games, and the Knicks have finally booted Isiah Thomas off the bench and out of the Presidents office after 6 years of fouling up their organization.

Now that’s a good day in NY sports if you ask me.

Big Blue Heaven

Monday, February 4th, 2008

It might be gray out right now, but that sky sure seems to have a tint of blue in my eyes today, and it’s all because my beloved New York Football Giants shocked the world at large and stopped the coronation of the New England Patriots with one of the grittiest performances I — and 97.5 million other people — have ever had the pleasure of watching. (More reactions here and here.)


After the final game of the regular season, I had joked around that this was the start of the Giants revenge tour, where they would exact retribution from the teams that had beaten them before — Dallas, Green Bay, New England — though never in my wildest dreams could I have expected things to actually turn out the way they had in my head. In fact, the reality of it was so much better.  I will give the Pats all the credit in the world: they fought to the bitter end, and forced the Giants to beat them outright, not just outlast them. But beat them they did. And while 18-1 is still a remarkable accomplishment, but I’m sure that feels more like an tragedy than a triumph to their faithful today.

In fact, the saddest thing I found out today is that the victory parade route will not go past my office. I mean, what’s the point of having an office window facing Broadway if the festivities stop a few blocks south of it? Still, I think I’ll survive. ^_^

(Photo from TIMOTHY A. CLARY/AFP/Getty Images via Flickr)

In Action…

Monday, November 12th, 2007

…just not missing (for once).

No posting from the future today.  Just a return to writing, then plenty of vegging out.  And  why not, seeing as how I’ve been working like a dog most of the weekend, and running for my life part of it, and having my guts twisted in knots for the remainder.  No, sorry.  It’s probably not all as interesting as I’m trying to make it sound.

Along with the attempt to resume semi-regular writing here, I’ve also snapped myself from the self-imposed hiatus of freelance work over the past month or so.  Well, as often happens when I take on projects outside of office hours, there was one of those wonderful confluences of deadlines that kept me tied to a desk and monitor for quite some time.  When that happens, it’s usually at the expense of my writing time.

But at least there are results to be seen.  For one, if you’re a New York area music fan, you might want to take a look at the venue map over at BrooklynVegan.  My first mash-up project!  Kind of fun to do, except for compiling all the data — there is no part of any data entry task that can be deemed sexy.

Then there’s the future work.  Mock-ups for a forthcoming redesign of, which a friend and former co-worker has wrangled my attention.  And I have to say,
I’m quite happy with what I’ve whipped up.  I can’t wait to show it off, but when that will be is still a matter of small discussion.  I can say that whatever design rust I claimed to have been suffering from lately seems to have been knocked off.

And when I wasn’t coding or painting with pixels, I was getting shot in the head, chest, and ass with paintballs.  Yep, a good chunk of the Lime Group folks went out early Sunday morning to shoot each other in the name of an interesting outing.  The side I fought on lost 5 of the 6 matches.

Finally, to top it all off, I had to watch the Giants give Dallas help in beating them in a battle for the NFC east.  Seriously, how many games to you have to take yourself out of with stupid penalties before you learn not to commit them?  I still have faith that they’ll make the playoffs, and hope that they get to take on Dallas one more time to get a measure of retribution.  Of course, I’m not counting on either of those things for the moment.

As you were.

F1 Goes Green

Thursday, November 1st, 2007

Well here’s something I sure didn’t expect to read about.  Looks like Formula-1 racing is making more than just the starter’s flag green, by banning team from further invest in engine development and shifting their focus to hybrid and eco-friendly powerplants:

The 10-year “total freeze” on engine development announced in Paris Oct. 24 is a stunning move. It shows the Federation Internationale de l’Automobile — the Paris-based organization that governs much of the world’s auto racing — is serious about having F1 lead the way to a greener future. More importantly, it will spur rapid innovation in hybrid and alternative fuel systems.

Seeing as how the racetrack is the lab for just about every kind of technology that makes it into your car and mine, this can only help.

A Man Among Managers Who Deserved Much Better

Friday, October 19th, 2007

The Yankees made him an offer that would have kept him the major leagues’ highest paid manager, easily.  But the writing was on the wall, and to me it seems like he was just done dealing with the Steinbrenner bullshit.  So in the end, Joe Torre walked away from the Yankees.  And I say good for him, because a man that did so much for a team with big payrolls, bigger egos, and the demands of all that tradition deserved better.

But turn the page.  The hunt begins in earnest now.  Will it be Joe Girardi coming down from the broadcast booth to show that his NL manger of the year wasn’t a fluke?  Will Donny Baseball make the move over from bench coach and make his attempt at assuring a place in Cooperstown through the managerial ranks (which I say has been an organizational plan of inevitability since the day he retired)?  Some outsider of high notoriety, perhaps?

For certain, it’s going to be an interesting ride.  The Bronx Zoo is back in business.